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We pair awesome software with exceptional hardware.

POS.com has partnered with the best software and hardware providers to enable a seamless integration with your business. Whatever your industry, we design the perfect package so you can focus on growing your business.

Hardware that seamlessly blends with software, instead of getting in the way of things.

Built and curated for your specific business needs, and backed by our industry-leading support.

To improve your day-to-day operations and fuel your growth, you need POS software that’s versatile, intuitive, and that has robust features. In the same way, you deserve POS equipment that’s tailored to your business, integrates smoothly into your existing software, and works seamlessly with any other point of sale systems that you’re currently using.

Whether you need grocery store POS or for any other kind of business, POS.com offers the ideal solution. We partner with top software and hardware providers to provide a combination of the best of both worlds, the leading software, designed & built for your business, complemented with the optimal point of sale hardware that works seamlessly for your retail store, restaurant or salon. 

With advancements in technology in both hardware and software, POS systems can do so much more than just tender sales. Accurately manage inventory, gain full insight into your business through extensive sales reports, run strategic sales & promotions, manage multiple locations & sales channels, and efficiently manage your staff, all through one centralized solution. Furthermore, you can integrate and sync between many of the existing business software.

Our solutions are compatible with a wide array of hardware ranging from digital scales, mobile phones & tablets, wireless barcode scanners, smart all-in-one payment terminals, and more. And it's fully backed by POS.com's advanced warranty exchange, various upgrade options, and technical support. 

Below are just a few of our standard options.  Our team is standing by however, to work with you to configure the best combination and quantities of hardware, software, and services to meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information, including pricing on the bundles featured below, or to configure your own.

Need Payment Processing and Premium Tech Support? Get the POS system on us

If you're looking for an entire point of sale + payment processing solution, we offer an all-inclusive POS solution package: software, hardware, and everything to help you get started for free when you sign up for a minimum of three (3) years of premium tech support and payment processing with competitive rates by POS.com.

Premium tech support starts at $49.99 per month and includes priority remote & local on-site support within more than 50+ cities nationwide.

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Clover POS System with Poynt Terminal

iPad Point of System Bundle

iPad Point of Sale Solution Bundle

  • Cloud based Retail or Restaurant Software options

  • iPad included, or use your own

  • Wireless credit/debit/EMV and gift card terminal

  • Rugged standard size cash drawer

  • Thermal receipt printer

  • Fast, easy to load label printer

  • Bluetooth, portable cordless scanner

  • Personalized on-boarding, configuration, setup and onsite installation available

  • 24x7 premium support services available

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Desktop Point of Sale Bundle

  • Retail or Restaurant POS Software

  • Rugged standard size cash drawer

  • Thermal receipt printer

  • Standard barcode scanner

  • Installation and training package including configuration, setup and onsite support available

  • 24x7 software and hardware support service available

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Desktop Point of Sale System Bundle
All in One Point of Sale Terminal

All in One Point of Sale Terminal

  • Retail or Restaurant POS Software

  • Sleekly designed touchscreen with LCD Display

  • Top performance processing power with an intuitive, resistive touchscreen available in a variety of back cover colors

  • On-board UPS 'smart battery' technology for continued operation to save critical data in case of power failure

  • Integrated customer display available

  • Cash drawer, printer, and alternate peripherals available

  • Setup, installation, and onsite implementation as well as training packages available

  • 24x7 local support available in over 50+ cities

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