POS.com Now Offers Free Point of Sale Solutions for Your Business

  • Includes POS Software, Hardware, and everything you need to get started right away
  • Customized for your Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, or Salon Business
  • Includes Poynt all-in-one Payment Processing Terminal
  • Access your data from anywhere at anytime with the power of the cloud
  • Premium Support with local on-site & remote support

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Improve Your Business and Gain Full Control with our Smart POS Solution

  • Sell anywhere, anytime, through any channel
  • Fully customized and curated for your retail business, restaurant, grocery, bar, or salon
  • Accept any form of payment you want, including support for EMV and Apple/Android Pay
  • Maintain control of your inventory, across all locations
  • Keep customers coming back with tailored loyalty programs and omnichannel support

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Retail POS

For retail stores including sneaker stores, electronic stores, liquor stores, clothing stores, and more. Seamless sales process, easy inventory management, and many retail optimized features.

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Restaurant POS

For restaurants, quick service, and bars that need seamless menu, employee, and table management. Ability to easily manage menu items and provide quick login access for multiple employees.

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Salon POS

For hair, nail salons, and spa. Intuitive management of operations. Easily set up appointments, provide automated alerts, and integrate with your website. Optimized for your salon business.

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Supermarket POS

For grocery stores and marts that require quick and accurate checkouts. Easily implement digital scales for quicker weighting, and simplified sales process for a quicker checkout experience.

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How it Works

Our extensive experience, evaluation, and review process of the top point of sale systems allows us to provide a single point of accountability for hardware, software, and support that's fully customized for your business needs. Not only that, our staff has decades of experience in each of the industries we cater to, therefore we’re able to provide a solution that is a perfect fit for your business. Each business is unique, and your POS solution should be unique to your business as well. We take the hassle out of looking for a POS system.

We help you find the right POS, the best POS, right now.

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Step 1

Complete the quick personalized quote request form detailing some of your basic requirements for your POS solution.

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Step 2

Our experts will analyze the data, and select a few solutions that work best with your business. Then one of our specialists will contact you.

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Step 3

Pick out a solution from our recommended list, onboard and watch your business grow. Take advantage of our industry leading support system. 

POS System Bundle

Fully Tailored for your Business

We have partnered with a combination of the best software and hardware providers to offer you a fully tailored experience. From the POS software to its necessary hardware and accessories, dedicated training by our staff, and integration with many third-party services you may be using - POS.com provides an all-inclusive package so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Tablet POS System

What we do

Established in 2014, POS.com was founded with the mission to bring restaurants and retailers, of all sizes, the technology they need to increase sales, make better decisions, create happier customers, and grow their business.

Whether you're opening your first store, restaurant, or salon, or need to upgrade your existing system - we will find the right point of sale solution for your business. At POS.com, we offer complete solutions that include software, hardware, and service throughout all the steps of the process, from installation, to training, integrations, and support. It is our mission and goal to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to increase sales, and run your business as efficiently as possible.

We use our extensive experience in point of sale, knowledge of your industry and best practices to provide solutions that complement your business and give you the power to effectively expand your presence in your market. 

  • Fully Tailored and Optimized for Your restaurant, retail, bar, salon, or grocery store business.

  • Unparalleled Local Support in 50+ Cities.

  • Software, Hardware, and Services Best suited for your industry and business needs.

  • Free POS system solutions for many business types.

  • Affordable POS packages for larger multi-location businesses that need a more comprehensive solution.

  • Omnichannel and Multichannel Solutions including Warehouse & inventory management.

  • Support for Any Business Size and type - from single-location Independents to multi-location chains & franchises.

  • Integration with third party accounting, ecommerce, and CRM software.

How we help your business


As part of our initial consultation, we will ask you some discovery questions in order to better understand your business, your plans for growth, and overall system objectives including inventory tracking, and tailored customer marketing. This process along with careful consideration of your ‘wish list.’ allows us to recommend the right solution for you. 


At POS.com, we offer a wide range of installation options, including: remote support or onsite implementation of software, and hardware, including network setup, and mobile device setup. We make sure that your new POS system is set up properly from the beginning with all necessary hardware/software running in its most optimal configuration.


At POS.com we are by your side through each step of the process, from your initial data setup and configuration, until and after your go-live date. We offer training programs that fit your needs. From onsite and classroom training options to remote and web-based tutorials, we will show you all the ways of running and managing your everyday operations seamlessly.


POS.com offers local support nationwide. Services include incident only support (for only when you need it), and full all-inclusive support packages including 24x7x365 help-desk and IT managed services. Support is one of the most important factors when it comes to your POS-enabled business. You don’t want your systems being down during critical business hours, and we have support infrastructures in place so you don’t have to worry.

Our support team works around the clock to provide business owners and staff the assurance they need in knowing that they’re in good hands.

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We Can Help Your Business Expand and Grow

Running a business is not easy, let alone growing and expanding it. There are many moving parts in a business, and they must move in sync for an efficient day-to-day operation. Point of sale, payment processing, and its related parts should not be something that slows your business down. Our goal, at POS.com, is to simplify this process by providing business owners the confidence they need, and the knowledge they crave, to start their new business or grow their existing one. 

POS.com helps you choose the best Point of Sale system that's fully customized and optimized for your business. We provide extensive training, industry leading support, and valuable resources to better streamline your operations.

Check out our resources section section for tips & tricks on better managing your business and your POS system.

Bob Dwyer - CFO of J.McLaughlin

"POS.com has been an integral part of our growth strategy as we’ve reached over 100 stores. They’ve provided consulting as well as deployment service in areas like POS, eCommerce, OMS, and CRM. They were able to coordinate integrations from different vendors to allow our customers a seamless omnichannel experience."

Bob Dwyer
CFO of J. McLaughlin

Andrew Goetz - Founder of Malin and Goetz

"POS.com; they really helped us with the POS and eCommerce selection process, as well as made it much simpler. They spent time understanding our needs instead of just trying to push a specific product like many other vendors."

Andrew Goetz
Founder of Malin and Goetz

Liz Thorpe - VP of Murray's Cheese

"POS.com has become an integral part of the growth of our business. They've given us a single point of accountability that bridges processes, hardware, and software. POS.com was definitely the right team to implement a thorough retail POS system that could help us optimize every department."

Liz Thorpe
VP of Murray's Cheese

Let us help you find the best POS system integrated with the right tools for your business. 

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